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Legendary Legionnaire Winter Massacre - Post-Mortem

posted by bananafourlife | 13 December 2014

Hey fellow gamedevs,

We are a team of four german students. We name ourselfs “Banana4Life” and have developed the game “Legendary Legionnaire Winter Massacre” for the third ludum dare we took part in. I (Jonas) made a quick LetsPlay of it here:


You can rate and play our game here: Legendary Legionnaire Winter Massacre

But now lets get to the post-mortem. Like last time we didn’t have huge problems and got even more stuff done than last time. But lets start with what went right.

What went right?

  • The game was playable and apparently fun to play.
  • We all met up at one place and were really productive.
  • We developed a cool idea during the game. Things like unicorns and aliens were spontaneous ideas.
  • The graphics were developed steadily parallel to the code and thus weren’t a product of the last minute.
  • We implemented our core gameplay first and after that improved upon it.
  • We partly had a lot of features that we wanted to implement, but cut the right features at the right time.
  • We slept a reasonable amount of time (and weren’t completely destroyed after the weekend).

As you see the most important parts went right and I think we did a pretty good job developing the game this time. But we had some small problems anyway.

What went wrong?

  • We didn’t have the final idea from the beginning on and had a hard time with the theme.
  • There were a few graphical features I wanted to implement, like random props(grass, stones, …), that I did not have time for.
  • Not all of us could work on the game for the whole third day, because they had to go to university.
  • The rendering of the walls and floor tiles could have been solved better.

Most of the “What went wrong?” stuff could be solved with more time and maybe some more structured code on my side rendering the wall and floor tiles. (But it worked anyway)

What we want to do better?

  • Think a bit more before writing code. (maybe, maybe not)

So I think we have an action plan for the next time.

  1. Try long enough to come up with a good idea.
  2. Make the game.
  3. Play more games.
  4. Enjoy the internet fame.

I hoped you liked our short writeup.


Team Banana4Life

P.S.: Play and rate our game please.