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About Banana4Life

Banana4Life was found as a hobby team that irregularly participates in Ludum Dare by Anselm (Faithcaio), Jonas, Katharina and Phillip. Our goal is to create fun and polished games. We always try to accompany our game creation process with blog posts about what we are doing and a twitch stream. Subscribe to our social media linked in the footer to always know when we participate and if you are a competitor we wish you the best of luck.


Student of Economic Computer Science in Mannheim, Germany

Not even writing something about herself. :P


A Tree, Germany

Growing steadily.


Student of Applied Computer Science in Karlsruhe, Germany

Nobody knows what he is doing.


Student of Applied Computer Science in Karlsruhe, Germany

Jonas is the graphics designer of the team. He produces beautiful experiences, but the rest of the team wants another designer. Thus, he is always really sad. :,( Besides being sad he has a Bachelor of Science in Applied Computer Science and studies for the Masters degree at the Karlsruhe Institute Technology.