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Legendary Orbit Golf

Legendary Orbit Golf is a game where you are orbiting (looping... hint hint) around planets trying to get to your destination in a galaxy far far away.

The challenge is: Your space ship of type "large spherotron" only has two functions: Forward thrust and a reverse-thrust pulse. Use these to get from orbit to orbit to reach your destination. Luckily you have an advanced navigation system that shows the direction towards your destination and can show the path through the gravity fields ahead!

Be careful, if you orbit too close to a planet, it's atmosphere will slow your spaceship down dramatically.


  • Boost: Increase velocity

    1. Click and hold left mouse button to cycle through various thrust levels while showing you the new path ahead
    2. Release the left mouse button to lock in the thrust level
    3. Click left mouse button to confirm the level or click right mouse button to cancel the trust increase and continue in on the current trajectory
  • Brake: Reduce velocity by 20% using a reverse thrust pulse

    1. Click right mouse button
  • View zooming

    1. Scroll mouse wheel up to zoom in
    2. Scroll mouse wheel down to zoom out
    3. The game will pan and zoom to specific locations at certain events
  • Reset the course to the first planet (including the shot counter)

    1. Press the backspace key


  1. Zooming out helps a lot.
  2. It matters when you start boosting.
  3. You can boost even while between planets, this can prevent collisions.

A quick play through and tutorial


Asset sources

  1. Planets: Generated using code based on/inspired by various tutorials
  2. Star background: Unknown source, has been carried over from older LD projects by us
  3. Sound effects: Recorded by us
  4. Music carried over from LegendarySpaceSpaceSpace, made by our @rahtainka (Check out her music on soundcloud.


Known Issues and Notes

  1. It is possible, that your spaceship starts in an unstable orbit around the first planet. In that case you will most likely immediately crash into the planet. In that case you either have to immediately add thrust to stabilize the orbit or reset the course using the backspace key (see controls).
  2. The destination planet is not very clearly marked. There is a blue arrow floating around the space ship that always points towards the destination planet, except when you are orbiting around the destination planet itself. The arrow is rather small and in an unfortunate color in some situations.
  3. As we ran out of time an actual win condition barely missed the jam submission build, so when you reach the destination planet, nothing happens. Feel free to score yourself some points depending on how many shots/boosts you needed to reach the destination! 😀
  4. The boost/thrust selection is a bit clunky. Imagine this like a "hit strength" or "hit accuracy" slider from other sports games, were you have to press/release a button at the best moment to get the best hit. Instead of presenting you a slider with a marker moving around, we present you with a pre-calculated trajectory. All trajectories can be equally good or bad, so it is your decision when to release. Depending on your current velocity, the presented trajectories can change pretty quickly. If you are unable to select your desired trajectory, cancel the thrust selection and try again from a different angle or try slowing down a bit.
  5. If your spaceship does crash into a planet, the game is not technically over. You can try to boost away from the planet, but your booster is probably not strong enough and you will be stranded, possibly forever. One might consider this a bug, feel free to interpret as you wish. You can always reset the course.

All of these issues have been resolved/improved upon in a new post-jam version: https://github.com/Banana4Life/LegendaryOrbitGolf/releases/tag/post-jam-1


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15 July 2017