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My second selfwritten song!

posted by Rahtainka | 01 May 2017

Hey guys,

first of all I have to say I am an huge portal fan and I love the credit songs! So I decided to write a credit song for each game we make. If there is enough time. This time it was and I wrote and record in the last four hours a song for our game.

I am sure that not everyone play our game until the end and because of that some people don't hear the song. In the comments I got almost no feedback. Therefore I make this blogpost. I would like to get a little bit more feedback. Is it so bad that only one mentioned it? Or do you think that it's unusual or bad to make a song for the credits?

I'm not 100 percent satisfied with it, because I had a sore throat and have to sing quiet because it was very late and I'm a bit shy and did not want the others to hear me sing. (I know it's ridiculous... But you can't imagine how much overcoming this costs me each time to add and publish a song to the game)

Enough of words. Here is my song:



If you want to play our game: https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/38/where-is-mommy

Greetings from Germany

Katharina | Rahtainka