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Is it me or does the blog kinda suck?

posted by pschichtel | 07 October 2020

I see very little technical posts, time lapses, post mortems or other interesting blog posts about the jam entries.

What I do see a lot however: Lots of people spamming "please rate my game" posts.

This feels like abusing the global blog feed to circumvent the karma/coolness/whatever-it's-called system Ludum Dare lives by. Play games, rate games, write feedback and eventually your game will be played, rated and receive feedback.

In many cases games that get spammed onto the blog tend to have received lots of ratings, yet haven't actually given a whole lot, which is kinda sad.

Apart from the possible unfairness in the rating process, it also sucks that all the interesting posts that get written are quickly moved out of visibility. I have yet to find a way to search for content in anyway. There is no way to categorize posts, there is no search function on the site, no way to filter away advertisement posts.

Am I the only one annoyed by this?